Daimon Consulting • Leadership Development

Performance through Leadership Search, Development and Alignment

Setting Daimon apart is the concentrated, driving force that underpins all that we do, and the innovation that originates from our dedication to serve. Our purpose is to accelerate organisational performance through the delivery and development of world-class leaders and their teams. 

We are innovators in the field of leadership consulting, performance architects that support business growth through the levers of leadership talent, culture, and team effectiveness. We are staffed by a team of outstanding consultants and coaches who have contributed to transformation programs of the highest order by building leadership capability, shaping cultures, and accelerating mission-critical change.  

Daimon Consulting consists of a delivery team without peer in South Africa. We have earned a reputation for delivering value at the highest levels of industry, and supporting leaders to bring about immediate and essential change, sometimes in the most turbulent of business waters. We have been trusted to align the executive teams led by men and woman at the helm of large corporations in contexts where the stakes are at their highest, and thus are well acquainted with the pressures of turnarounds, restructures, and acquisitions.  

  • Leadership Advisory

    • Through our Leadership Advisory Services we diagnose and solve leadership challenges in organisations through the full leadership cycle, beginning at talent acquisition and moving through leadership assessment, identification and development...
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  • Organisational Transformation

    • Daimon offers the design and implementation of large-scale culture and organisational transformation processes.  We are driven to build thriving, high-performance teams  across the value chain. Through our partnerships we enable and accelerate strategy...
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  • Strategic Turnarounds

    • We have served companies and teams in the throes of disruptive, mission-critical change and within contexts such as mergers, acquisitions, de-listings and restructures. In turbulent and high risk times, we have been formidable allies supporting business leaders through...
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